Enamel paint for home and finishing

Enamel, unlike the previous examples, is a type of paint that is not soluble in water, as it has
what is called “oil base”, a material that used to make up its formula in the past. Currently,
other synthetic products are the most common base for this type of finish.
Enamel paints are especially good for use on iron or wood surfaces. Thus, iron windows,
handrails and lightweight metal structures will have a better and more durable finish if painted
with enamel paint. And although wood can receive various types of finishes, doors made from
this material are traditionally painted with enamel because of the high level of handling, as
enamel allows this surface to be washed more easily.
The enamel finish is quite peculiar and people usually notice when it has been used. It has a
high gloss, although there is a matte version. Its finish gives the sensation of a film formed on
the surface and, for this reason, it is not very suitable for direct use on the wall, because,
depending on the application, bubbles or peeling may appear. The cost of this paint is higher
than that of others, due to its more specific use, and on smaller surfaces. The most common
packaging is the gallon (which contains 3.8 liters of the material), while the others can be easily
found in cans (there are cans with up to 18 liters of paint, and small ones, with 900 ml). Best home paiting


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